My Home Didn’t Sell Now What?



Dear Homeowner,  



Just a note to say I’m sorry your house didn’t sell. It’s disappointing, but please don’t get too discouraged. As you can see, other homes in the neighborhood are selling and your neighbors are moving. Noticed quite a few SOLD signs lately?


Why not you? Don’t give up just because things didn’t work out the first time. Sometimes it happens (last year, 44% of the homes here in Los Angeles didn’t sell the first time).

The good news is, it’s not too late to get it done right. There are plenty of qualified buyers looking for a nice home like yours – and ready to buy right NOW.


Talk is cheap, I know. You are probably irritated by the calls and letters from all the sales people claiming, “I know why your home didn’t sell”, and “We have a buyer for your house” … and on and on. It can be pretty annoying.


 Bottom line: Don’t make the same mistake again. Before you re-list with another agent, have them submit to you legitimate results. The fact is, in today’s market, the right agent with the right marketing tools and the right attitude makes all the difference.


 That’s what I do. I help folks just like you sell quickly, negotiate the highest possible price (unlike many other agents who would try to give your house away just to make a buck), and make sure we close on time. Simple.


Sell fast and get the MOST you can get.


How do I do that? What makes me different? The difference between average and full value when selling a home is often $4,000… $11,000… Even $17,000 dollars. That’s real money.


For many agents in Los Angeles, getting top dollar for their listings is mostly a matter of luck. For me, it’s a strategy. I will show you.


You can reach me at 323.359.6719, or No pressure, no hassles, and no obligation. Just a friendly conversation about your plans.

 I’m looking forward to chatting with you. 




Will Thomas & The Power Team


John Aaroe Group


P.S. There is that ONE perfect buyer for every home, including yours. Someone who will fall in love with it just like you did. Who will appreciate it and enjoy it just as much as you have. And who is ready to pay you a great price for it.


I will show you how we’ll find that buyer quickly. You can reach me anytime at 323.359.6719 or