You’re ready to buy your first home, but you can’t seem to get far
enough ahead to save for the down payment.

If you have good credit (640 fico) and a stable work history, you
may qualify for a down payment assistance program. If you have
never owned a home or haven’t owned in three years, then call me
to learn about the AWESOME loan programs available for people
that do not have savings for a down payment.

• 640 Fico or better
• Stable work history(2yrs.)
• Have not purchased a home in the last 3 yrs.

To find out if a similar program is available or if you qualify, give me a call today.

John Aaroe Group
p: 310.652.6285 m: 323.359.6719
a: 3717 S. La Brea Ave #102 Los Angeles, CA 90016

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